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Emily Read Daniels

I’m Emily Read Daniels, M.Ed., MBA, NCC, SEP™ in training. I am the author of The Regulated Classroom©, an approach to cultivating conditions for felt safety in the classroom. I developed this approach after spending years as a school counselor working with dysregulated students and staff.

In 2017, I founded HERE this NOW, a trauma-responsive schools consultancy and educator resource.  HERE this NOW began as a way for me to bring basic trauma-informed information to schools and educators.  It became clear to me early on that most educators were embracing the professional development I was providing, and they were wanting more.  Educators in the audience were constantly asking me, “Now what do we do with this information?”

It was apparent that educators needed tools and practical strategies to help them
apply what they had learned in my workshops in their classrooms. However, I
firmly believe that those things alone are not enough. I needed to design a
completely new approach that would blend tools and strategies with educator
self-awareness— The Regulated Classroom©.

Felt Safety is a Necessary Condition for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

"My first experiences of felt safety were as a teenager at camp, I relished the camaraderie of bunkhouse life and the skits, songs, and dancing that was imbued in the daily milieu of camp life. At camp, we were always being silly— laughing, playing, joking, running, swimming. It profoundly shaped my sense of self as capable and relational; it was joyful belonging.

As I began my career as a school counselor, I brought those camp
experiences to the classroom in the form of adventure-based counseling. Through movement, play, and physical challenges, I witnessed the transformative power of those experiences for large groups of students.

I was so inspired by those early results that I continued with training in more embodied ways of being (i.e. reiki, mindfulness-based stress
reduction, somatic-experiencingTM, etc.) which informed the development of The Regulated Classroom©."

Emily Read Daniels

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“Emily has combined her history as a school counselor, intimate knowledge of our education system, as well as her understanding of the body, nervous system, and Polyvagal Theory, to develop training for schools.”

Robyn Gobbel, LCSW - Trauma Specialist, Trainer, Instructor

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