Option #2 | Standard Professional Development in The Regulated Classroom©

This 6-hour / 1-day in-person professional development opportunity provides educators with the knowledge and experience to implement The Regulated Classroom© framework. 

Fundamental knowledge combined with the 4 core practices and sensory tools build adult capacity to deliver trauma-informed instruction by cultivating felt safety and co-regulation in the classroom.

  • Maximum # of participants: unlimited
  • Virtual Live option: Three 2-hour sessions or two 3-hour sessions
  • PDF version of Powerpoint Presentation
  • 120-day access to recorded sessions

*Additional costs may apply for in-person travel greater than 80 miles from Hancock, NH.

Topics covered include:

    • Recognizing the impact of the pandemic on staff and students
    • Somatosensory functioning and integration
    • The Polyvagal Theory
    • 4 Core Practices & 2 Essential Educator Capacities of The Regulated Classroom©
    • Widening the “Window of Tolerance” with Activators and Settlers
    • Recruiting the "Realm of Social Engagement" with Connectors and Affirmations

Strongly recommended resources

  • The Regulated Classroom© Guidebook = $34.99
  • Educator "Mini" Sensory Toolkit = $149
  • Classroom "Co-Regulation" Toolkit = $499

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