Becky Kohler, School Counselor, 10/29/21
Chesterfield School absolutely loves and appreciates these toolkits! Since their arrival I've already...

  • had a student benefit from a "cup of calm" tea.
  • lent a weighted scarf to a teacher and student who found it to be just the right tool.
  • sorted and rated  items in addition to other ones in my room to determine student preference for "What helps me feel calm".
  • skimmed the resource booklet and am excited to try out some new activity ideas.

I'm sure there's more too. I am looking forward to continued use of this tool kit and feel incredibly grateful for it.

Occupational Therapist, 10/26/2021
Oh my! This is absolutely incredible! What a fantastic toolkit of helpful goodies!! Thank you!! 

Tracy Thompson, Grade 1 Teacher, 12/8/2021
I am still diving in and exploring. So far, I have really been enjoying the weighted scarf.

I use it when the kids are off at recess or at specials. I will pop in on for a few minutes, sit and take some deep breaths and ground myself.

I am looking forward to cracking the book open and diving deeper into the toolkit.

I must say that just the mere act of getting these for everyone in the staff was a real morale booster for me. At a time where I have been feeling like I am burning out, it really meant a lot that someone was prioritizing our teacher's self care.

Heather Lounsbury, Kindergarten Teacher - 12/8/2021
As a Kindergarten teacher and mother of three young children, "self-care" often falls to the bottom of the to-do list daily.  Having a whole box of ready-to-go self-care items has made taking better care of myself an achievable task!  I tend to hold my stress in my lower back and in the middle of a stressful day this week I realized that I had a solution to this in my toolkit! On my lunch break, I used the peppermint essential oil on my temples and the massager roller to work out the knot in my lower back.  It made me feel ready to take on the rest of my day (at school and then the hours of home life to follow)! I have the message roller next to my classroom laptop now and have used it daily during my break times.  Truly a wonderful gift to educators who feel like they carry so much in their hearts and heads each and every day!

General Survey Feedback (Anonymous) - 11/7/2021
Everything in the toolkit has been really helpful. Thus far the Monkey (mesh/marble) fidgets have been the most widely used and therefore supported many. I’ve seen the weighted scarf have the most dramatic impact by immediately soothing a student who was struggling to regulate. The GF label on the Mad Matter has led to it being a favorite.

General Survey Feedback (Anonymous) - 12/17/2021
I love the magnetic focus fidget.  It is great to put on the underside of my desk.  This was a new tool that I have never seen.  It is wonderful how there was also attention to the needs of the adults to attend to their own state of regulation and practice self care (calming tea and oil) in order to co-regulate with the students.  I strongly believe that having regulated adults is the primary foundation for building a regulated classroom.  When adults can embed the practices of regulation into their classroom and weave it throughout the day it can change the collective state of the room.

I think The Regulated Classroom© is great.  I love the format of the book.  The tabs help to quickly find what is needed to be referenced.  The fact that it is not a HUGE binder is a beautiful thing. Sometimes less is best and if there is too much it can feel like just "another thing that needs to get pushed into a very full day".  The simplicity, organization and great pictures make this a very usable program that has great ideas for differentiating for age levels.  I smiled with each "Nerd moment" and was very interested in seeing the research behind the practices.

Sarah Owusu, Reading Specialist, 12/6/2021
I was able to put several of the items from the toolkit to use right away. One for myself in particular that is a definite favorite is the weighted scarf. I wear that while working late hours at night on the computer and it is so calming and soothing. I never would have thought to purchase something for myself in regards to self-care like this item, but now I know that taking care of me allows me to take better care of my students. I’ve also dabbled into the book and appreciate the structure. It’s very easy to find topics I’m looking for and is very informative, but also precise and not too wordy or lengthy. The author definitely understands time constraints of teachers while covering pertinent topics that matter most in schools today. Thank you so very much!