The pandemic worsened educator burnout and student dysregulation

The Regulated Classroom© equips educators with 4 Core Practices and sensory tools to cultivate conditions for felt safety in the classroom

When educators and students feel safe, learning ensues

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School districts roll out mental health initiatives for teachers as staffing woes, burnout plague educators

By Emma Colton| Fox News

'It’s all pretty bad,' one researcher says of depression, anxiety and emotional exhaustion among elementary school teachers ...

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What We Are Hearing About The Regulated Classroom©

Many appreciate The Regulated Classroom© approach, guidebook, and the self-care toolkits during this challenging time

Bethann Clauss, LICSW

Director of Adolescent Counseling, Dublin School, NH

Emily Daniels gets it... we can’t offer a space for kids to learn and grow if we aren’t regulated as adults. I love the work that she does with The Regulated Classroom© because she empowers teachers to attend to what they need so that they can be grounded enough to connect with and teach the children in their classroom.

Sean Bailey

Instructional Paraprofessional at Symonds School, NH

The educator self-care toolkit has been wonderful. I have been using the weighted scarf every night to help decompress after a long school day. The weight on my shoulders helps me unwind and relax when I am at home recharging for the next school day! I have also been a person who benefits from the use of a "fidget" throughout my daily activities. I found a small one in particular in the toolkit that is small enough to fit in my pocket and is inconspicuous when using it! I am very thankful for the toolkit and believe all educators would benefit from having one!  

Angella Joslyn

Elementary Teacher, Winchester, NH

My family and I are loving the support from The Regulated Classroom©!!!

I was able to work on my piriformis issues with the ball and help regulate one on my sons and myself with the weighted scarf after long days.  I’ve also been able to support a couple of fidgety students. I can’t wait to try some of the new activities in the book!

Irving Richardson, Ed.D.

Coordinator for Public Education and School Support - NH NEA

The current pandemic has upended the lives of children and educators. Educators need knowledge and strategies to address children's social and emotional needs. The Regulated Classroom© provides the materials to help educators address children's needs.

I highly recommend Emily Daniels and her work.

Ginger Healy, LCSE

Parenting Program Director at Attachment and Trauma Network

I love The Regulated Classroom© guidebook for so many reasons.

It’s succinct, no long drawn out chapters you will never get to - just practical strategies and tools. Educators need trauma-informed materials to truly impact the students in their classroom.

It’s not another thing “to do;” it’s about using these strategies in order to make what you are doing work and be more impactful.

Kayla Truman

Special Education Paraeducator

We got the Educator Self-Care Toolkits at our school and they are incredible!

Thank you so much! I personally love the weighted scarf! It has been amazing not only at school but also at home. I brought it home and I use it all the time. It helps me feel more relexed and reduces tension in my shoulders and neck. I love using it while working on my college courses and when I am feeling anxious. Thank you so much!

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